The Lottery Of LIfe


The Lottery Of LIfe

Uncategorized - February 22, 2021

The Odds Are Better Together!


 The Lottery Of Life. Curiosity Creates Chance.


Everyone has a story, a unique story, filled with thousands of pages and hundreds of chapters. As the world spins in space we live our lives in a state of interconnected isolation, yearning for support. Do we always get the support that we need from those around us as we travel through our story? In most cases we could all benefit from the support of a community with strong mind towards inner growth per capita over the course of our populations.


If know one has told you this before, you did not have a choice. No one gets to choose how tall they are going to be just as no one gets to choose the color of their skin or the sound of their voice. We are born where we are born and go on a life long journey of growth from the moment we open our eyes and view the world for the first time. We start out where our parents raised us. From there, we have choices. If we are healthy we are lucky to have choices. We must never forget that many people do not enjoy the gift of health. For those that are of sound mind and body we are truly the winners in the lottery of life, there is nothing more basic and essential than the necessity of good health for survival. Should we be of sound mind and health we have chances to make choices. We have pathways that we can take. One single decision can change the course of your entire life. Choose wisely.